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'Defending the Sky' Tight Air Surveillance

'Defending the Sky' Tight Air Surveillance

On the night of the 22nd, Unit 8351, a subordinate unit of the Air Force Air Defense Control Commander, conducted base defense training, in partnership with the local accountability army unit 8098, 1st battalion soldiers.

The objective of the training was to improve the survival of the most important wartime base operations for the control unit, which acts as an 'eye' in air operations. Protecting the control unit - the beginning and end of Air Force operations - from enemy threats is very important to ensure tight air surveillance in any situation. Significantly, the training was held jointly with mobilization troops and the Army Regional Responsibility Unit in order to enhance the units' ability to cope with the actual situation, and was practically realized based on an enemy infiltration scenario.

"We will continue to strive to maintain a perfect air surveillance posture, as a wakeful eye that defends the sky," said Captain Jae-suk Lee of the Air Force's 8351 unit, who supervised this training.

In addition, the air defense controller is continuing joint base defense training with the local accountable units such as the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps in the subordinate units for the UFG training period.

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