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[3rd Army Armored Brigade] Commemorating‘Memorial Month’ with its full fighting power

[3rd Army Armored Brigade] Commemorating‘Memorial Month’ with its full fighting power

[3rd Army Armored Brigade] Commemorating‘Memorial

The 3rd Army Armored Brigade has made June a month of making its combat readiness posture more effective through high-intensity training.


On June 12th, the brigade announced “To commemorate the 67th anniversary of the 6-25Korean War and to remind people of the meaning of the Memorial Month, we have designated June as a month of preparation for battle. Based on this, we are strengthening our ability to perform missions immediately.”


The training for the 3rd armored brigade was held on June the 2nd, preparing operations againt infiltration and local provocations. The brigade carried out a spot inspection for topography reconnaissance and made sure that the operation planning for the area was effective by applying a 5-step tactical training method. The training involved around 1,400 troops, 95 pieces of orbital equipment and 185 vehicles. The drills were held on the assumption of the worst conditions, including the need for pre-maintenance of track equipment, first aid for emergency situations, situational training for small units and response to severe weather.


The unit developed the capability to deal with situations through the unit commander by training for situations such as dealing with the disconnection of the Army Tactical Command Information System (ATCIS), mass casualties, direct engagement of mechanized enemy units in mountainous areas, overcoming damage from the enemy’s field artillery firepower and more, which helped the small units become prepared for activation.


Major Kim Jong-jun, the advisor for the instruction of staff members, said, “We have boosted our confidence and enhanced our combat capabilities so that we will always win the fight, by overcoming the challenges of the maneuver routes in tough mountainous areas and severe weather conditions. We will establish our preparedness for combat and continue our practical training in order to enhance our awareness while we are on the battlefield."


The brigade will continue to carry out oral-type situational measures, command training, and command and control training. As well, the brigade will participate in the 1st Field Army Command’s control unification training, and demonstrate its combat capabilities.


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