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“Continue to support South Sudan for hope”

“Continue to support South Sudan for hope”


  “Continue to support South Sudan for hope”


Hanbit unit, which is working to rebuild South Sudan, recently visited a local elementary school and held a granting ceremony to deliver warmth and support from Korea.


One day, a student named Moon Na-yeon gathered old and worn-out shoes with h er friends and neighbors and sent them to the Hanbit unit for the African children. This granting ceremony is the result of a relay of donations made by soldiers and civilians, which was started by Miss Moon. The Defense Security unit of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Korea Army Printing Deport also donated school supplies, saying that they want the South Sudanese children to dream of a better future through education. The unit visited St. Andrew’s School, which is the largest elementary school in the region dedicated to protecting orphan students. They delivered around 3,000 donated items that support these kinds of organizations, showing their sincerity.


School representative Alain Manuel said, “Thanks to the Hanbit unit, it has become so much fun to go to school. I will study hard until South Sudan develops into a country like Korea.” Meanwhile, Colonel Ahn Duk-sang, the leader of the South Sudan reconstruction support group, said that the unit continues to provide humanitarian aid so that the South Sudanese children do not lose their dreams and hopes.


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