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Go to South Sudan for its stability and reconstruction

Go to South Sudan for its stability and reconstruction

Go to South Sudan for its stability and reconstruc

The 8th Hanbit unit attended a farewell ceremony on June 28 held by International Peace Corps prior to its dispatch to South Sudan to support its stability and reconstruction.


Lieutenant Colonel Lee Jin-woo, head of dispatch preparation, will be taking 273 troops who are some of Korea’s most capable soldiers, having prevailed in the tough competition to be selected at a rate of 3.7 to 1 for officers and 11.1 to 1 for soldiers.


Those soldiers drafted on May 8 started detailed preparation for dispatch to perform their missions immediately as soon as they arrive in South Sudan, focusing on developing strong physical strength to overcome a local heat wave that was over 50 degrees, mastering their areas of specialization and preparing for transparent, thorough dispatch of supplies. Under the special guidance of Special Forces, all troops achieved more than class 1 in the army physical fitness test. They made full preparation for handling practical affairs with refresher education at the school of the military service, through special commissioned practical education from a private enterprise.


Some of them have even given up their overseas residency and volunteered for military service. Corporal Kim Chang-yun, a US permanent resident, joined the army while studying at St. Louis medical school and spoke of his aspiration to work as a medic in South Sudan, to make use of his experience providing medical services in Africa with his parents who are doctors. And Private First Class Park Bae-seung, a TOD operator, was born in Japan, and volunteered for military service to perform his mission with a Taegeukki on his chest, applying to Hanbit unit. He is the first-born son of film star Park Joong-hoon.


The Army Chief of Staff Jang Jun-kyu, who supervised the farewell ceremony said, “The Hanbit unit received an honorable mention as the most exemplary unit among units from 60 other countries who participate in the UN Peacekeeping Forces in South Sudan, which has enhanced the reputation of the Korean army. Maintain your strict military discipline, complete the mission to reconstruct South Sudan, and return safely.”


After the ceremony, those soldiers of the 8th Hanbit unit will be divided into two groups that will leave Korea on July 3 and 17 respectively. They will continue to improve infrastructures such as road repair from Bor to Mangela, an economic artery of South Sudan, and the maintenance of Bor airport, as well as support the reconstruction and repair of the bank of the White Nile, and the building of a waste disposal site.



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