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Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup conducts a visit and inspection of...

Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup conducts a visit and inspection of the Freedom Shield (FS) exercise sites

- The minister visited the B-1 bunker and Combined Forces Command CP Tango to encourage personnel -

On March 15 (Wednesday), Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup visited the B-1 bunker and CP Tango of the ROK-US Combined Forces Command to inspect the combined defense posture during the Freedom Shield (FS) exercise. He also encouraged and showed support to the soldiers who participated in the exercise.

Minister Lee expressed his reassurance and appreciation towards the soldiers' dedication in building a strong combat-oriented military that can never be defeated during his visit to the B-1 bunker.

He stressed that the primary duty of the military is exercise and training, emphasizing its crucial significance. Since the current exercise spans 11 days and requires around-the-clock participation, he acknowledged that participants may feel exhausted. However, he urged them to remain committed to their duties in order to protect the lives and property of people by engaging in more realistic exercises while maintaining a strong military readiness posture.

Minister Lee then proceeded to the CFC's CP Tango, where he received a briefing on the ongoing combined exercise. He highlighted the vital role that the ROK/US Alliance has played in securing the Republic of Korea for the past seven decades, with the CFC serving as a symbol and foundation of the alliance that has maintained peace and prosperity through a strong combined defense posture. He urged the CFC to continue to play a crucial role in the future. 


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