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ROK/US Air Force fighters (ROKAF: F-35A, USAF: F-16) conduct com...

ROK/US Air Force fighters (ROKAF: F-35A, USAF: F-16) conduct combined air drills with the deployment of US B-1B strategic bombers on the Korean Peninsula

On March 19, the seventh day of the Freedom Shield combined exercise for the first half of 2023 that started on March 13, South Korea and the United States conducted a combined air drill with the deployment of the US B-1B strategic bombers. The exercise involved ROKAF F-35A stealth fighters and USAF F-16 fighters with the strategic bombers participating in the air training over the sky of the Korean Peninsula.

The two nations evaluated the drill as a showcase of a strong combined defense readiness posture and unwavering dedication to providing extended deterrence for the protection of the Korean Peninsula. They also significantly enhanced interoperability, swift response force deployment capabilities of the ROK/US Air Forces, and wartime strategic strike capabilities.

The ROK/US Alliance has maintained its utmost combined defense posture against North Korea’s continued aggression in the region. Going forward, the Alliance will realize peace through strength based on its robust capabilities and posture and increase confidence in the US extended deterrence.


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