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The Defense Ministry to host initiatives commemorating the 70th ...

The Defense Ministry to host initiatives commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the ROK/US Alliance

The powerful ROK/US Alliance aims to achieve 'peace through strength' by taking 'action'

To mark the 70th anniversary of the ROK/US Alliance and the Korean Armistice Agreement, as well as the 75th Armed Forces Day, the Ministry of National Defense has devised a range of celebratory initiatives, such as combined exercises and training, international conferences, and other events.

The primary objective of these activities is to reinforce the ROK/US Alliance and exhibit a robust military that is founded on scientific and technological advancements.

The Defense Ministry has arranged events to mark the 70th anniversary of the ROK/US Alliance, given the urgent security issues, such as the escalating nuclear and missile dangers from North Korea. The main goal is to attain "peace through strength" by implementing "action," based on the ROK military’s strategic deterrence and solid ROK/US combined defense posture.

In June, a joint firepower obliteration drill, dubbed the Combined Firepower Demonstration Exercise, will take place. The showcase will involve a multitude of state-of-the-art technologies, including the ROK/US combined forces' complex combat system that comprises both manned and unmanned elements, in order to exhibit an extraordinary fusion of agility and firepower.

In observance of the 75th Armed Forces Day in late September, a series of events will be held to exhibit the potent deterrence and response capabilities of the ROK/US Alliance. One of these events is the ROK 3K Defense, which will feature participation from the USFK, and there will be other activities open to the public. 

In October, the defense ministry will organize various events, defense advisory bodies, and international conferences. A specific week will be labeled the "core week," throughout which numerous celebratory initiatives will occur in a synchronized and cohesive fashion.

During the Security Consultative Meeting (SCM), the ROK/US Alliance's 70-year performance will be evaluated, and a "ROK/US Alliance defense vision" will be unveiled. This vision will outline the future of the comprehensive global strategic alliance in defense, aiming to design a path forward for the Alliance.

In conjunction with the SCM, the inaugural joint defense ministerial gathering involving United Nations Command (UNC) members will be co-hosted by Korea and the United States. The aim of this conference is to reaffirm the commitment of UNC members to the security of the Republic of Korea, as well as to enhance collaboration and unity in the pursuit of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

The yearly Seoul Defense Dialogue (SDD), an essential multilateral security forum, will underscore Korea's significance as a central global player in promoting peace and security across the world while encouraging backing from the international community for Korea's defense and security strategies.

The Seoul ADEX 2023 defense industry exhibition will display the remarkable abilities of the K-defense industry to an international audience. The event aims to substantially expand defense exports and highlight the cutting-edge aerospace technology from the United States. Furthermore, the occasion will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the ROK/US Alliance by arranging a friendship flight involving the ROK and US Air Force.  


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