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USFK THAAD and Patriot Training Completed

USFK THAAD and Patriot Training Completed

United States Forces Korea remains committed to maintaining a "Fight Tonight" level of readiness and providing a combined defense posture to protect and defend the Republic of Korea against any threat or adversary.

The deployment training of the THAAD remote launcher was the first to be conducted in conjunction with the Freedom Shield 23 exercise. In the face of DPRK’s advanced missile threats, the training of our THAAD forces enhanced the units’ combat readiness, combined defense posture within the Alliance, demonstrates the ironclad commitment to support and defend the ROK and further strengthens the security and stability on the Korean peninsula.

Normalization of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense operations and capabilities provides USFK greater readiness to ensure continued resourcing of the unit, as well as providing greater pportunity to modify the defense design by exercising remote launch options.

The ROK Ministry of National Defense and USFK maintain close coordination, cooperation, and collaborative efforts to ensure the THAAD site operations protect our combined forces and the people of the ROK.


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