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The Vice Defense Minister meets with MIKTA ambassadors

The Vice Defense Minister meets with MIKTA ambassadors

- They talked about working together in the areas of defense and security

On March 27, the Vice Defense Minister, Shin Beom-chul, had a luncheon meeting with the ambassadors from MIKTA* countries at the Defense Ministry building.

The meeting, which aimed to discuss cooperation in defense and security among middle-power countries in America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania, took place seven years after the second MIKTA Defense Dialogue,* which was held alongside the 2016 Seoul Defense Dialogue.

According to Vice Minister Shin, the five MIKTA countries have strategic significance in their respective continents and possess considerable potential for defense industry collaboration. He expressed his optimism about establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with all MIKTA members, including Mexico, in addition to the active cooperation already ongoing with Australia, Indonesia, and Turkey.


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