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22nd Korea-US Integrated Defense Dialogue (KIDD) held

22nd Korea-US Integrated Defense Dialogue (KIDD) held

- A high-level meeting on defense and diplomacy was conducted in Washington, DC, from April 11 to 12

- The meeting discussed alliance issues including extended deterrence execution and security cooperation between Korea, the US, and Japan

The 22nd Korea-US Integrated Defense Dialogue (KIDD) took place in Washington, DC from April 11 to 12, 2023, between the ROK Ministry of National Defense and the US Department of Defense.

The 22nd KIDD meeting covered various significant security issues related to the ROK-US Alliance, including enhancing policy cooperation to prevent and counter North Korea's nuclear and missile threats, improving the execution of the US extended deterrence and revising the tailored deterrence strategy.

There were also discussions about strengthening cooperation in defense science and technology, space, and cyber, promoting regional security cooperation, including Korea-US-Japan trilateral cooperation, the transfer of conditions-based wartime operational control, and fostering new defense cooperation to establish a comprehensive global strategic alliance.


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