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Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup give on-site guidance ...

Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup give on-site guidance to the military base in Yeonpyeong

Call for a resolute and strong response to Pyongyang's direct provocations

On the morning of Saturday, January 21, Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup visited the Marine Corps Yeonpyeong Unit and Naval Radar Site (R/S) on Yeonpyeong Island to encourage the soldiers who are maintaining a solid military readiness posture during the Lunar New Year holidays and to inspect the site of the vigilance operation.

After receiving a report on the current status of the operation from the commander of the Yeonpyeong unit, Minister Lee Jong-sup said, "As evidenced by the provocation of small unmanned drones, North Korea can launch a provocation in the form of a 'look one way and row another' manner, and called for 'inheriting the indomitable spirit of the Marines' of the Yeonpyeong Island Shelling Battle heroes and responding resolutely and forcefully to North Korea's direct provocation."

In addition, Minister Lee looked around the Naval Radar Site and said, “Our people can enjoy the Lunar New Year holiday comfortably thanks to all of soldiers who are devotedly serving the country even in the isolated environment and limited conditions of the island."


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