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National Defense Data Analysis Center, a specialized organizatio...

National Defense Data Analysis Center, a specialized organization for national defense data, opens

Support for all aspects of defense data tasks from collection to management to utilization based on expertise in defense data

Vice Minister of National Defense Shin Beom-chul and KIDA President Kim Yun-tae held an opening event for the Defense Data Analysis Center at the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses (KIDA) at 4:00 pm on Monday, January 30, and reviewed the operation plan for the Center and discussed the direction of its development to accelerate data-driven “Defense Innovation 4.0.”

In the future, the “Defense Data Analysis Center” will play a role in supporting the Ministry of National Defense and the Armed Forces in △ managing the current status of national defense data, △ promoting data collection projects, △ data standards and quality control, and △ data management and utilization.

Vice Minister of National Defense Shin Beom-chul, who co-hosted the event, said that data must be systematically managed as a strategic asset for fostering strong artificial intelligence (AI) forces, and he expected that the National Defense Data Analysis Center will develop into a top national defense data institution in both name and reality and will become a cornerstone for the Korean Military to achieve “Defense Innovation 4.0” in the future.


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