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The 1st ROK-NATO Military Staff Talk

The 1st ROK-NATO Military Staff Talk

The ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff held the 1st ROK-NATO Military Staff Talk from 13 to 14 February. The ROK-NATO Military Staff Talk is a regular dialogue at the director level to enhance the understanding of security situation on the Korean Peninsula and strengthen mutual exchanges and cooperation. When the Chairman of the ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff visited NATO on November 2021 and the NATO Chair of the Military Committee visited Korea on April 2022, both sides agreed on the necessity of a dialogue and opened a staff dialogue.

On the 13th, Major General Kim Su-Kwang, the ROK JCS Director for Strategy and Plans and Lieutenant General Francesco Diella, the Director of NATO Cooperative Security Division attended the dialogue as head of delegation. Significant achievements such as △ cooperation procedures and strategic concepts, △ evaluation of cooperation, and △ future direction were made to strengthen mutual military exchanges and cooperation.

On the 14th, the NATO delegation visited the Joint Security Area (JSA), and toured the watchtower and the Panmunjom Military Armistice Commission's main conference room. They expressed appreciation for the soldiers who devoted themselves to peace and stability.

General Diella said, “This visit was a very meaningful time to lay the groundwork for ROK-NATO military cooperation" and looked forward to the 2nd Military Staff Talk to be held in Belgium next year.


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