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Results of Korea-UAE defense ministerial meeting

Results of Korea-UAE defense ministerial meeting  

On Tuesday, February 21st, Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup held a meeting with Mohammed Ahmed Al Bowardi, the UAE Minister of State for Defense Affairs, where they addressed significant pending matters and explored strategies for promoting cooperation in defense and defense industry between South Korea and the UAE. 

Both ministers evaluated the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for strategic defense industry cooperation and the MOU for joint development of a multirole transport aircraft signed during the previous summit, acknowledging them as crucial achievements in the bilateral defense industry cooperation.

Minister Lee expressed appreciation for Minister Al Bowardi's invitation and the warm hospitality extended to him during his visit. He stated that the strong defense and defense industry cooperation between the two nations were founded on a firm foundation of trust and cooperation at the summit level. Minister Lee expressed his expectation that the relationship between South Korea and the UAE would continue to flourish into a mutually beneficial and forward-looking one.

Furthermore, Minister Lee briefed Minister Al Bowardi on the measures taken by the South Korean government to prevent and respond to North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile threats. He emphasized South Korea's dedication to preserving peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and requested the assistance and cooperation of the UAE. 

Minister Lee Jong-sup visited the M-SAM II operation unit in Abu Dhabi after the ministerial meeting, where he offered words of encouragement to UAE military officials and defense industry executives.


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