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The 4th Defense Space Development Committee

The 4th Defense Space Development Committee

First meeting hosted by the Minister of National Defense, spurring the construction of defense space power based on jointness

On the morning of December 9, the Ministry of National Defense held the fourth Defense Space Development Committee (“Committee”) hosted by Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup.

The Committee meeting, the first since the chairperson of the Committee was upgraded to the Minister of National Defense, discussed the Defense Space Strategy and ways of improving the deliberation procedure for defense space development programs.

The Defense Space Strategy is the most important document for the defense space power development of South Korean military. It is the first strategic document that covers medium and long-term strategic goals for 2030 and 2050, basic principles, and strategic guidelines. The Joint Chiefs of Staff, the branches of the military, the Marine Corps and related institutions will develop a military space strategy and operational concept based on jointness, as discussed in the Defense Space Strategy, and strengthen space power.

Minister Lee Jong-sup emphasized that “space has been regarded as an imaginary world that appears in movies, and as a far distant place, but it has now become life space and operational space, and top military powers already recognize defense space power as a core element of national security and are competing to build it.”


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