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Top-brass meeting held for the second half of 2022

Top-brass meeting held for the second half of 2022

Maintenance of immediate on-site response capabilities against North Korean nuclear and missile threats and military provocations, combined efforts of the entire military services to realize “peace by force”

On December 21 (Wednesday), the Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup presided over a meeting of top commanders for the second half of 2022.

Minister Lee, in his opening statement, said that in the present grave security situation where North Korea is issuing outright nuclear threats and posing a direct and indirect threat to Korean territory, he appreciated the efforts of top commanders who are dedicated to national defense, and urged them to maintain immediate on-site readiness against any North Korean provocations.

The meeting reviewed implementations and achievements of key initiatives in defense policies and discussed policy directions for 2023.

Participants attending the meeting reached a consensus on the achievements and future directions of key initiatives of defense policies such as the establishment of military readiness against the North, the accelerated establishment of Korean triad system, the enhanced implementation of Defense Innovation 4.0, and the promotion of the morale and welfare of soldiers, and pledged that they will make their utmost efforts to prevent the recurrence of incidents that did not meet people’s expectations this year.

The participants of the meeting agreed that the entire military unite to build a “robust national defense, and a science and technology-based military power” to deter the enemy and deliver assurance to the people.


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