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Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup visits the Air Force's...

Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup visits the Air Force's 11th Fighter Wing

Calling for a firm military readiness posture against any unexpected situation and encouraging personnel on emergency standby

On the morning of November 13 (Sunday), Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup visited the 11th Fighter Wing to check its preparedness, join a luncheon, and encourage military personnel on emergency standby.

After being briefed on the emergency standby status by the 11th Fighter Wing, Minister Lee said, "North Korea has upgraded its nuclear and missile system, and has recently threatened peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula as well as in the international community through armed provocations such as massive military air demonstrations and missile launches south of the NLL."

He also emphasized, "We must recognize how serious the current situation is and maintain a keen attitude to respond immediately to any provocation while continuing to improve our control and operational capabilities through actual warfare-like training."


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