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Results of 2nd ROK-Indonesia Foreign and Defense (2+2) High-Rank...

Results of 2nd ROK-Indonesia Foreign and Defense (2+2) High-Ranking Officials Meeting

The 2nd ROK-Indonesia foreign and defense (2+2) high-ranking officials meeting* was held in Seoul on October 28 (Friday).

At the meeting, the two sides shared the assessment that relations between the two countries have been expanded and deepened in various areas in the five years since the establishment of the 「Special Strategic Partnership」 in 2017, and agreed to strengthen win-win solidarity by working on substantive initiatives between the two countries, while deepening strategic cooperation for the achievement of peace in the Indo-Pacific region.

Both sides also shared the need to further strengthen mutual cooperation to respond to the rapidly changing security environment. To that end, the two countries agreed to work to make substantive progress in cooperating in the areas of national defense and arms industry that have previously been discussed.

It is assessed that this meeting was a chance to assess the substantive cooperation between the two countries before marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the ROK-Indonesia diplomatic relations next year, and to strengthen the strategic communication with Indonesia, one of the key ASEAN nations, in order to respond to the rapidly changing security environment in the Indo-Pacific region. 


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