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ROK-US Combined Forces Command commands to relocate to Pyeongtae...

ROK-US Combined Forces Command commands to relocate to Pyeongtaek

The command will lay a foundation for the development of the future combined defense system at the new cradle of the alliance

The ROK-US Combined Forces Command (CFC) will be relocated from Yongsan Garrison, where the CFC was stationed for the past 44 years, to Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek.

The defense ministries of the ROK and the US have been preparing for this relocation since coming to an agreement on the CFC’s relocation to Pyeongtaek at the ROK-US defense ministerial talks held in June 2019, and reached an agreement on the completion of the CFC’s relocation in 2022 on the sidelines of the 53rd Security Consultative Meeting (SCM) held in December 2021.

Approximately 700 ROK and US soldiers belonging to the CFC are expected to complete relocation by the end of this month after the beginning of the relocation in early October.

Having been stationed in Yongsan for the past 44 years since its foundation in 1978, the CFC is a symbol of the ROK-US alliance and the hub of the combined defense system, and has successfully carried out its defense mission for the ROK to counter any threats of intrusion and provocation from North Korea.

This relocation will enable the CFC to build a stronger combined defense system in Pyeongtaek, the new cradle of the alliance, on the basis of a further strengthened spirit of alliance and operational efficiency.

The CFC also plans to hold an event to celebrate its relocation to Pyeongtaek in November to inform the people of the opening of the era of Pyeongtaek for the future after the successful completion of the era of Yongsan.


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