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Ministry of National Defense holds ‘21-1st Evaluation Meeting of...

Ministry of National Defense holds ‘21-1st Evaluation Meeting of the OPCON Transition’

The Ministry of National Defense held the ‘21-1st evaluation meeting of the OPCON transition’ in the main conference room at 10:00 on Monday, July 5, under the supervision of Minister of National Defense Suh Wook.

In the first half of the meeting the performance related to the transition of OPCON was reviewed and evaluated, and the direction for the future was discussed in the second half.

At the meeting, the attendees reaffirmed the government and the military's support for the transition, and also reviewed and evaluated the core military capabilities of the ROK soldiers and the ability of the ROK-US alliance to respond to North Korean nuclear and missile threats.

In addition, all attendees agreed that it is necessary to unite efforts at the entire military level so that the “conditional OPCON transition” can be carried out in a timely manner while firmly maintaining the alliance’s combined defense posture.

Minister Suh stressed, “Promoting the OPCON transition is a key task of the Korean government. We need to promote the transition tasks in a systematic and active way, recognizing that the OPCON transition is essential to achieving the goal of ‘responsible national defense.’”


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