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Ministry of National Defense holds ‘General Commanders' Meeting ...

Ministry of National Defense holds ‘General Commanders' Meeting for the First Half of 2021’

-Discussion on achievements through defense policies, directions and the current major defense issues-

The Ministry of National Defense held the ‘General commanders’ meeting for the First Half of 2021,’ hosted by Defense Minister Suh Wook, at 09:00 on Wednesday, July 7.

Considering that the ‘second stage of social distancing’ is being implemented in the metropolitan area due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this meeting was held with the minimum number of attendees on-site, applying strict quarantine and infection control measures. The Joint Chiefs of Staff, each of the military commanders, operation directors, and directors of front corps attended the meeting online.

To begin the meeting, Defense Minister Suh Wook expressed his gratitude for the hard work of major military commanders and soldiers who are dedicated to defending the country and protecting the lives and properties of the people in the severe security situation, while dealing with comprehensive security threats such as COVID-19.

He also urged commanders, “As key leaders of the military, we should comply with laws and norms more strictly than anyone else, and lead the change and innovation in our military by taking the initiative with the right words and actions.”

In the meeting that followed, the participants took time to evaluate the national defense environment of the Korean Peninsula, and the defense policy outcomes for the first half of 2021 and the directions for the second half were also discussed, focusing on major defense operations.
At the meeting, Defense Minister Suh Wook emphasized that the military's mission is to protect the lives and safety of the people, urging all soldiers to faithfully perform their assigned duties and fulfill their responsibilities in their respective positions.

In particular, regarding the recent problems such as poor meal service and sexual violence in the military, he urged that all involved do their best to innovate the barracks culture, as the same issues could recur unless those who implement systems and manuals properly comply with them, even if they are well established. 


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