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Minister of National Defense Suh Wook visits GOP battalion on th...

Minister of National Defense Suh Wook visits GOP battalion on the eastern front, First Fleet Command, and 18th Fighter Wing

- On-site discussion on AI-integrated scientific security system, checking on military readiness posture·quarantine status·disaster preparedness, and encouraging soldiers -

On July 19, Minister Suh checked on the military readiness posture, and discussed the progress of and a future plan for the project to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to the scientific security system during his visit to the ground observation post (GOP) battalion on the eastern front.

During his visit, a wide-ranging discussion was held on considerations and limitations in applying and developing AI to reduce false alarm errors of security systems and increase the accuracy of surveillance. 
Suh also checked on disaster preparedness after being briefed on the current operation situation during a visit to the 18th Fighter Wing earlier in the day.

Expressing his appreciation for the hard work put in by the soldiers of the 18th Fighter Wing to maintain a firm readiness posture, Suh asked them to “fully prepare against typhoons and heavy rains in summer to prevent any damages to main combat equipment, including fighter jets, and soldiers’ living facilities.”

Suh also checked on the quarantine status at the site, such as medical unit, quarantine facility, and soldiers cafeteria, after being briefed on the current status  of quarantine management (action plan for confirmed cases, current status of quarantine facility) in the Yang Manchun destroyer (DDH-I) during his visit to the First Fleet Command.


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