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Government ministries cooperate to revitalize the defense indust...

Government ministries cooperate to revitalize the defense industry!

- 8th “Defense Industry Development Council” jointly hosted by the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Industry, Trade and Energy -

On Wednesday, August 11, Defense Minister Suh Wook and Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Moon Seung-wook co-chaired the 8th Defense Industry Development Council at the main conference room of the Ministry of National Defense.

At the Council, the government discussed ways to foster the defense industry and support exports at the pan-government level, which can contribute to revitalizing the defense industry and the domestic economy.

The discussions held covered issues such as defense drone development strategies, introduction of an expedited acquisition system for products made in Korea, and measures to apply the standard process model using robots to the defense sector.

Mr. Suh said, “Our military will promote the development of defense industry technology in the process of evolving into a state-of-the-art science and technology army through Defense Reform 2.0 and smart defense innovation, as well as in the process of building a powerful military that leads the future through ‘Future Defense Innovation’ and ‘Defense Vision 2050.’ Furthermore, we will strive to help our defense industry lead the global defense industry market.”


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