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Outcomes of first ROK-Indonesia foreign and defense (2+2) senior...

Outcomes of first ROK-Indonesia foreign and defense (2+2) senior officials’ meeting

- Meeting provides momentum to strengthen strategic communication as special strategic partners

- During the meeting, the two sides discussed bilateral relations, cooperation on defense and security, and the Korean Peninsula and Myanmar situation.

The first Republic of Korea (ROK)-Indonesia foreign and defense (2+2) director-level senior officials’ meeting took place via videoconference on Tuesday, August 24 from 18:00 P.M. to 20:30 P.M.

The two sides agreed to strengthen bilateral consultation on future cooperation, assessing that the two countries have achieved practical cooperation in various areas, including national affairs, the economy, national defense, and defense industries.

To build up stronger bilateral cooperation in the areas of national defense and the defense industry, the two sides agreed to work closely together to faithfully address the pending issues in defense exchanges and cooperation, which had been discussed at the meeting of the defense ministers of the two countries last April.

The two sides exchanged opinions on the regional situation, including △ responding to the changes in the dynamics of the Indo-Pacific region, △ issues related to the South China Sea, and the situation on the △ Korean Peninsula, △ Myanmar, and △ Afghanistan, and agreed to continue their bilateral cooperation for peace and stability in the region.

Held in a foreign and defense (2+2) format, this meeting helped to further strengthen strategic communication on various issues between the two special strategic partners.


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