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Defense Minister visits United Nations Command Security Battalio...

Defense Minister visits United Nations Command Security Battalion - Joint Security Area

-Encourages South Korean and American soldiers who are silently performing assigned missions

-Urges them to take the lead in forging another 70 years of the ROK-US Alliance on the occasion of its 70th Anniversary, based on close comradeship

With the Korea-US summit underway, Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup visited the United Nations Command Security Battalion -Joint Security Area, the frontline of the ROK-US alliance and encouraged the Korean and American soldiers on April 25 (Tuesday).

In the office of the battalion, Minister Lee said, “I am very glad to meet you dedicated to keeping peace on the Korean Peninsula at the forefront, and I am proud of and grateful to you for silently and sincerely fulfilling your assigned roles.”

While having a meal with soldiers, Minister Lee said, “The ROK-US alliance was born out of the blood and sweat of soldiers during the Korean War, and the JSA comrades have succeeded this tradition, and each of you who are shoulder to shoulder to maintain ROK-US combined defense posture symbolize the alliance.” 


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