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ROKAF and USAF conduct combined aerial drill with fighters (F-15...

ROKAF and USAF conduct combined aerial drill with fighters (F-15K, KF-16) and US B-1B strategic bomber deployed on the Korean Peninsula

On Friday, March 3, a South Korea-US joint air drill was conducted with the participation of the US B-1B strategic bomber. The exercise took place in the airspace over the West Sea and central inland regions of the Korean Peninsula, and involved ROKAF F-15K and KF-16 fighters.

The joint training was conducted in accordance with the agreed-upon plan to deploy strategic assets in a timely and coordinated manner, which was established during the Korea-US summit, the 54th Korea-US Security Consultative Meeting (SCM) in the previous year, and the Korea-US defense ministerial meeting held on January 31.

Korea and the United States will enhance their joint military exercises by deploying US strategic assets and through close collaboration and consultation. Their aim is to achieve the effect of a permanent deployment of US strategic assets on the Korean Peninsula, and to strengthen the capabilities and posture of the alliance against North Korea's nuclear and missile threats.


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