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10th Paik Sun-yup ROK-US Alliance Award

10th Paik Sun-yup ROK-US Alliance Award

US Senator Daniel Sullivan awarded

The Ministry of National Defense and Joongang Ilbo chose United States (US) Senator Daniel S. Sullivan as the winner of the 「10th Paik Sun-yup ROK-US Alliance Award」.

An award presentation will take place on the sidelines of the ‘ROK-US alliance peace conference’ slated to be held in Seoul on October 25, and the awardee will also receive a letter of appreciation from the defense minister and an ROK-US alliance medal.

A representative pro-Korean senator who co-chairs the ‘Congressional Study Group on Korea (CSGK),’ Sullivan was chosen as winner for his great contribution to advancing the ROK-US alliance and enhancing the amicable cooperation between the two countries through congressional activities.


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