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Careful repairs of the military safety system

MND announces 'Defense safety innovation plan'

Careful repairs of the military safety system

Established basic 5-year defense safety management plan
Dedicated personnel made responsible for high-risk materials management such as ammunition
Improvement of reliability with improved investigation work system
Mobile app development to drive reporting for national security

The Ministry of National Defense has established its 'Defense safety innovation plan,' with the goal of reducing fatalities within the military related to safety accidents by 50%.

The MND has announced its Defense Safety Innovation Plan, which contains 12 execution tasks in 5 areas, including establishment of an institutional framework for safety management, establishment of safety duty and reinforcement of management organization, enhancement of management ability with specialized manpower, advancement of safety management system, and improvement of safety awareness and culture.

According to the MND, the number of deaths in the military that are the result of safety accidents has been steadily dropping, from 28 in 2015 to 23 last year. However, the military is often excluded from safety-related laws, and considering its special mission in the defense field it is difficult to apply civil law and systems. With an awareness that safety systems and safety management systems for the defense field are still insufficent, the MND has been pushing forward to establish an innovation plan.

According to the innovation plan, the MND is planning to enact a 'Defense Safety Order' within this year and establish a basic 5-year plan for defense safety management. It is planned that national safety-related laws and safety management systems adopted by international militaries will be reflected in this order, which will also apply a range of new technologies such as NFC, QR codes, smart glass, etc.

Significantly, the MND plans to make it mandatory to designate and operate a safety officer and secure dedicated personnel for a unit to manage high-risk materials such as ammunition and dangerous articles. Also, there will be a newly established combat readiness safety room for forces at the division level or higher and a safety and disaster department for forces at the naval command level or higher in order to enhance supervision and support for first-line troops.

Investigation work in the event of defense safety accidents is going to be also improved. By referring to accident investigation systems adopted civilly and by international militaries, the MND is planning to perform more improved investigation work and increase the reliability of the results. To accomplish this, the MND has decided to clarify the safety investigation operational concept and establish a detailed standard plan divided according to the type and class of military safety accident.

In addition to these efforts, a plan for the development of 'defense safety reporting mobile app' by next year will be promoted to address any safety gaps within the unit and enable quick reporting and follow-up. Efforts will be made in the areas of education and training, as well as raising awareness of safety, to foster safety awareness in the military.

The MND said, "We are going to establish a basic defense safety management plan based on this innovation plan and give shape to policies in the areas of ammunition, facilities, education and training, and more. This will allow us to protect defense personnel and military assets from various safety threats and dangerous factors, and ensure the active execution of duty for a more enhanced combat readiness posture."

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