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[Seoul Defense Dialogue 2022] “North Korea will have limitless benefits when it chooses a new path for denuclearization”

n his opening address to Seoul Defense Dialogue 2022:

Vice Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup stresses deep need for international solidarity, and expresses hope for cooperation and communication regarding North Korea’s advanced nuclear weapons and missiles and their threat to global security

[Seoul Defense Dialogue 2022] “North Korea will ha

Regarding the denuclearization of North Korea, Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup emphasized that “North Korea will have limitless benefits when it chooses a new path for denuclearization, while it cannot help but pay an enormous cost if it persists in the development of nuclear weapons and missiles.”


Lee made the statement in his opening address to the ‘Seoul Defense Dialogue (SDD) 2022’ held at Lotte Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on Wednesday, September 7. He also asked the international community to keep working together to lead North Korea to take steps toward denuclearization.


“The SDD has sought ways to deal with the security on the Korean Peninsula and North Korea’s denuclearization since its selection as the main agenda item at the time of its launch in 2012. Despite all these efforts, North Korea is advancing its nuclear and missile capabilities. Beyond the Korean Peninsula, it is threatening the security of the world,” Lee commented, giving his assessment of the current situation.


Lee also introduced our government’s efforts to effectively deter and respond to North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats, including enhancing US extended deterrence capabilities, expanding the ROK military’s independent capabilities, such as the Korean three-axis system, and strengthening the close security cooperation with allies.


“Our government is inducing changes in North Korea by proposing the ‘audacious initiative’ of supporting North Korea’s economy and public welfare if Pyongyang takes substantial steps toward denuclearization,” Lee explained.


Lee also hoped the SDD would serve as a venue for cooperation and communication, underlining the urgent need for “international solidarity to respond to traditional and non-traditional threats, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, cyber and space threats, which are threatening the lives of human beings, as well as energy shortages, food supply disruptions, and a rise in international prices occurring in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine.”


Lee also emphasized the SDD’s efforts to help strengthen the defense capabilities of each country, saying that “this SDD includes a special session to discuss the modernization of the military by using advanced scientific technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), and ways to strengthen reciprocal defense cooperation.”


During the key plenary sessions of the SDD 2022, participants discussed the ‘strategic international cooperation and direction for approach to achieve the complete denuclearization of North Korea’ and ‘cooperation in rebuilding trust within the Indo-Pacific region.’ On September 8, experts will exchange opinions on the ‘role of the military in hybrid warfare.’

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