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“The success of Operation Promise enhanced the status of the military and the nation,” says Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup

Minister Lee cheered soldiers who participated in the operation

“Mission accomplished perfectlyI am proud”


 “The success of Operation Promise enhanced the sta

P1) On April 27, Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup (center in front row) thanks soldiers at the Defense Convention Center, Yongsan-gu, Seoul who completed Operation Promise where 28 Korean residents in Sudan were safely evacuated.



On April 27, Defense Minister Lee met with and thanked soldiers who completed Operation Promise to evacuate 28 Korean residents in Sudan.


Minister Lee said, “I am very proud of you for enhancing the status of the military and the nation by successfully accomplishing the mission to protect people’s lives and safety. This operation was implemented by the first-ever combined forces of the Army, Navy, and Air Force to protect overseas Koreans. All units that were instructed to join the operation perfectly completed the mission in the shortest possible time.”


He added, “I extend my sincere thanks to all the soldiers in the Army, Navy, and Air Force who participated in the operation but are not here. Based on this experience, I urge you to take the lead in cultivating a strong military that never loses a battle by fulfilling your assigned mission.”


At the event, nine soldiers representing pilots, maintenance and medical personnel, and special forces spoke with Minister Lee.


Lieutenant Colonel Cho Ju-young, commander of the Air Refueling Squadron, said, “During this operation, we crossed the airspace of 10 countries. It usually takes two weeks to obtain cooperation to cross airspace and it only took a day, which demonstrates the high standing of South Korea and pan-governmental efforts.”


Air Force Combat Control Team Warrant Officer Park Kyu-dong said, “At Port Sudan New International Airport, we nervously waited at night for the safe arrival of our people, and were relieved to see people getting off the bus. I was proud as a member of Armed Forces to see them excited to arrive at Seoul Airport.”


Special Missions Group of Army Special Warfare Command First Sergeant Park Su-nam said, “Despite various contingencies, the operation ended successfully thanks to the concerted efforts of the Defense Ministry, Foreign Affairs Ministry, local embassies, and friendly nations. I appreciate everyone who contributed to the success of the operation.”


Air Force First Sergeant Yang Sun-ho, who was responsible for taking pictures, said, “I hid my camera because taking pictures there could be misunderstood by Sudanese soldiers in the war.”

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