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“Success of Operation Promise demonstrates the superior capability of the military”

President Yoon Suk-yeol invited and commended operation participants

Concerted efforts accomplished the mission within the shortest time

The result of diplomatic cooperation with allies

“Success of Operation Promise demonstrates the sup

P1) In regard to the Operation Promise, President Yoon Suk-yeol says, “Our military showed excellent operation capability by completing the mission in the shortest time after being engaged.”


Speaking to officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense who participated in Operation Promise at Pine Grassan outdoor garden in front of the Office of the Presidenton May 1, President Yoon said, “For the first time, the combined forces of the Army, Navy and Air Force successfully completed the safe airlift of our people overseas.”


President Yoon went on to say, “The lives and safety of our people should be the top priority, and Koreans overseas cannot be an exception. Although I received reports and gave instructions on the operation during my flight to the United States, the mission was accomplished thanks to the dedicated efforts of those on the frontline. I appreciate Ambassador Namgung Hwan in Sudan and the embassy staff who led the move of Korean residents in Sudan amid dangerous scenes of bullets flying, as well as the staff of the Foreign Affairs Ministry who worked hard overnight to win the cooperation of our allies so that our military transport aircraft could fly in the airspace of 10 countries.”


President Yoon noted, “The success of Operation Promise is the achievement of our diplomacy. That was possible because the government has built relationships of cooperation and trust with our allies including the United States, UAE and Saudi Arabia. In addition, Japanese people were also transported alongside our people, which is a matter of course and builds on trust with allies.”


Ambassador Namgung attending the event, said, “As the battle began, the fear of death dominated me. I extend my sincere appreciation to President Yoon for making the decision to send military transport aircraft and the Cheonghae Unit.”


Earlier, during his state visit to the United States on April 25 (local time), President Yoon praised Ambassador Namgung over the phone as well as and Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Cho Ju-young and others who led Operation Promise successfully. At that time, President Yoon told Ambassador Namgung, “I thank you for guarding the lives and safety of our people by driving the vehicle.” He asked the ambassador whether the children were all right after a long journey of 51 hours including travel on land taking as long as 33 hours due to contingencies and emphasized health and sufficient rest.


He told Lieutenant Colonel Cho, “I thank you for successfully protecting the safety of our people amid the urgent situation,” and asked him to give his best regards to the members who completed the operation perfectly and to take care of their health.


The Office of the President had announced that President Yoon commanded the rescue operation of Korean residents in Sudan on the presidential plane to Washington D.C. for a state visit to the United States. At that time, President Yoon presided over a video conference onboard by connecting to the Yongsan National Crisis Management Center by satellite and urged best efforts for the safe evacuation of people.

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