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“A condition that makes war unnecessary depends on our strong power”

The National Defense Committee conducted a comprehensive audit of the Defense Ministry and others

Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik said, “North Korea’s violations of the Sept. 19 Inter-Korean Military Agreement are serious”

Reported the outcome of operations related to North Koreans who defected by boat


The National Defense Committee conducted a governm

The National Defense Committee conducted a government administration audit for 2023 at the National Assembly on October 27. During the audit, the Defense Ministry expressed a strong commitment to realizing peace through strength by developing a sophisticated and advanced military.


On October 27, the National Defense Committee held a comprehensive government administration audit for the Defense Ministry, Military Manpower Administration, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and chiefs of staff of each military branch. Members of the National Defense Committee examined major defense policies and outstanding issues and presented constructive opinions to build a strong, combat-oriented military.


In response to a question from National Assembly Member Sung Il-jong about North Korea's compliance with the Sept. 19 Inter-Korean Military Agreement, Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik stated, “It has been confirmed that North Korea has more seriously violated the agreement than previously known. Including over 100 artillery firings in Hwanghae-do's inland region, North Korea has committed 110 violations involving artillery rounds in the buffer zone.” Regarding violations related to artillery gates, he reported, “In the past five years, the North has committed 3,400 violations. This number rises to nearly 3,600 when including artillery firing violations.” Minister Shin added, “Evidence is seen in footage. While North Korea violates the agreement three to four times a day, we strictly observe it, which raises many questions.”


In response to the argument of National Assembly Member Lee Jae-myeong that the inter-Korean military conflicts have declined due to the agreement, Minister Shin explained, “Although direct confrontations have moderated, we are facing greater risk because North Korea has completely advanced nuclear and missile capabilities.” In response to the question, “If the inter-Korea military agreement is rescinded, will nuclear threats be reduced?” Minister Shin said, “It has no significant impact on the expansion of North Korea’s nuclear threats, but the suspension of the validity (of the agreement) can help protect our people in case the North is determined to launch provocations.” He went on to say, “Making war unnecessary by building our strong power can show the North that war and provocations stand no chance of victory.”


Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik answers questions fr

Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik answers questions from a National Assembly member at a government administration audit held by the National Defense Committee on October 27.


During the audit, questions were raised about security operations related to a wooden boat with North Korean defectors found on October 24. In response to questions from several members of the National Assembly asking whether it was a successful operation, the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Kim Seung-kyum said, “It was a success. Operations personnel fulfilled their responsibilities and roles, and conducted operations by using more capabilities than they were expected to.” In response to a question about whether the Navy responded correctly, Minister Shin replied, “It was properly conducted.”


The Joint Chiefs of Staff reported the progress and measures taken regarding North Korean defectors on a wooden boat before members of the National Assembly raised questions at the audit. They said, “Our military took necessary normal operation measures, and we were able to quickly identify the situation thanks to a fisherman’s report. This highlights the importance of integrated defense operations.”

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