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“In a situation where an enemy is highly likely to launch provocations…Punish immediately, strongly, till the end”

Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik gave instructions at a meeting of operations commanders

The Defense Minister emphasized the ‘offensive attributes,’ the basis for strong combat strength, and urged an operations plan to counter various types of provocations

He also extended condolences to the late Kim Seong-tae, a returned South Korean prisoner of war


Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik hosts a meeting of k

Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik hosts a meeting of key officers and commanders of the Defense Ministry and Joint Chiefs of Staff to establish a defense readiness posture and emphasizes a firm readiness posture at the Defense Ministry building on November 2.


Minister Shin instructed commanders ‘immediately and strongly punish any provocations from the enemy, while sustaining offensive attributes till the end.’


He stressed a firm readiness to respond to the surprise provocations of the enemy at the meeting held at the Defense Ministry building on November 2.


Minister Shin said, “Amid recent grave international circumstances, North Korea is escalating nuclear threats by legislating the preemptive use of its nuclear weapons and inserting provisions on the advancement of nuclear weapons into its constitution. In particular, due to its ongoing food shortage and economic difficulties, it is highly likely that North Korea may resort to direct provocations in order to shift public attention from internal issues to external affairs.”


He went on to say, “Although some have believed so far that the North may change, it proved to be a complete illusion or false belief. While the enemy never changes, only we are responding defensively.”


He added that strong combat strength comes from offensive attributes, and urged the commanders to react to the enemy's provocations immediately, strongly, till the end.


Minister Shin also discussed measures to respond to various types of provocations.


He said, “The recent conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, as well as Israel and Hamas, have demonstrated that the nature of warfare is evolving. To counter various types of provocations from the enemy, it is essential to establish a specific contingency plan.”


Furthermore, he urged the officers, saying, “By moving away from a unit operation system that prioritizes reporting and meetings, we must establish a culture to work in strongpoints, operation areas and training sites and cultivate a true military unit that never loses a battle.”


The meeting was attended by key officers of the Defense Ministry and Joint Chiefs of Staff, with operations commanders, corps commanders, fleet commanders and Drone Operations Command commander through video teleconferencing.


Meanwhile, Minister Shin attended a funeral for the late Kim Seong-tae, a returned prisoner of war, at Armed Forces Capital Hospital and expressed condolences and appreciation to the bereaved family.


The late Kim was captured by the North Korean army at the Deokjeong Battle during the Korean War and toiled in a North Korean coal mine and escaped and returned to South Korea via China in 2001. He passed on October 31, and Minister Shin extended condolences by sending a floral tribute to the funeral before he visited.


The Defense Ministry supported the funeral by sending its staff. The remains of the deceased will be buried in Seoul National Cemetery.

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