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“Gathering again after seventy years, cooperation and solidarity will be strengthened.”

Minister Shin, Wonsik, gave welcoming remarks at the ROK-UNC Member States Defense Ministerial Meeting

Seek universal values as an example of international solidarity

Shin emphasized “The UNC is an icon of a strong deterrence against North Korea’s military provocations”

The minister presented a blueprint for developing it as an international conference


Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik (middle in the front

Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik (middle in the front row) and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (fourth to the right on the front row) and representatives of member states are seen on November 14 at the ROK-UNC Member States Defense Ministerial Meeting at the Defense Ministry


At the ROK and United Nations Command Member States Defense Ministerial Meeting held in the conference room of the Defense Ministry on November 14, defense ministers and representatives of 17 member states shared the importance of the United Nations Command to deter war and keep peace on the Korean Peninsula and agreed to strengthen cooperation and solidarity. Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik expressed his intention to further expand the meeting in substance and scope.


Deputy Minister for National Defense Policy Heo Tae-keun presented perspectives on how Korea and the UNC can cooperate with the topic “Directions for ROK-UNC Cooperation.” Gen. Paul LaCamera, Commander of the UNC also gave a presentation titled, “Contributions of the UNC and Future Vision,” and Lt. Gen. Andrew Harrison, Deputy Commander of the UNC, delivered a presentation titled “Mission Performance of the UNC and Cooperation among Member States.” After the presentations the participants expressed their opinions and formed a consensus.


In his welcoming remarks, Minister Shin said, “It bears significance that representatives of UNC member states gather here again after seventy years. This meeting demonstrates the unity of the international community in the face of the North’s threats and further consolidates solidarity among member states.” He noted, “The UNC is a good example of international solidarity on humanity’s universal values such as freedom, democracy and rule by law and an icon of strong deterrence against North Korea’s military provocations.” The minister added, “Unlike the time of the Korean War, North Korea has become a member of the United Nations. If North Korea makes an illegal invasion of the South again, it would be a self-contradiction of a UN member attacking another UN member, and at the same time a serious breach of trust of the United Nations and the International community. This could inevitably result in strong retribution of the international community through the United Nations Command.” He also noted, “If the countries that aided North Korea during the Korean War come to help it again, these countries, along with North Korea, will be subject to stern retribution from the international community.”


Shin expressed gratitude to the United Nations Command member states that contributed to the prosperity of the Republic of Korea.


Minister Shin said, “Despite the Armistice Agreement, the UN member states that participated in the Korean War promised to participate again if an armed invasion occurred again in the Washington Declaration signed in Washington. In 1953, then-US President Eisenhower said that the 1953 Washington Declaration was one of the essential devices to protect South Korea against invasion threats from the communists.”


He also said, “The UNC has played a pivotal role in the security of South Korea for seventy years since the war. Thanks to the United Nations Command, South Korea has rebuilt itself from the despair of the war and grown as a free democratic state with world-class economic power and military strength.”


He then presented a blueprint for the ROK and UNC member states.


Minister Shin expressed his intentions by saying, “South Korea will develop the ROK-UNC Member States Defense Ministerial Meeting into an international conference to strengthen cooperation and solidarity among member states. Also, we will further extend the scope of the UNC with the participation of friendly nations that share values.”


He added, “This meeting will send a strong warning to a country or group that attempts to change the status quo by force while denying a rule-based international order. I expect the meeting to provide momentum to promote freedom, peace and prosperity for members states as well as South Korea.”

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