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“Punish immediately, strongly, till the end if North Korea makes provocations due to the suspension of the Inter-Korean Military...

Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik spoke at the plenary session of the National Defense Committee at the National Assembly

North Korea’s military reconnaissance satellite launch violated UN Security Council resolutions

The Joint Chiefs of Staff will operate additional surveillance and reconnaissance assets at the front line


 Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik answers questions f

 Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik answers questions from a member of the National Assembly at the plenary session of National Defense Committee at National Assembly on November 23. 


After North Korea declared the revocation of the Sept. 19 Inter-Korean Military Agreement and blamed South Korea, the Defense Ministry issued a stern warning and said that the North glossed over facts and turned on South when it was the North that did wrong. In particular, Defense Minister Shin, Wonsik expressed his intention to make react immediately in the event of provocations from the North. The South Korean military is in full readiness posture and is closely watching measures from the North.


At the plenary session of National Defense Committee held at the National Assembly on November 23, Minister Shin said, “Our military will defend our country more firmly by restoring aerial surveillance and reconnaissance activities, and if the North commits provocations by using the suspension of validity, we will punish immediately, strongly, till the end.”


In particular, he said, “The launch of a military spy satellite by North Korea is a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions and a serious provocation against the international community as well as the Korean Peninsula, once again demonstrating that the North does not have any intention to observe the Sept. 19 Inter-Korean Military Agreement.”


He added, “While our military surveillance and reconnaissance remain limited, the North has strengthened surveillance and reconnaissance of us using a military reconnaissance satellite, and the partial suspension of the inter-Korean military agreement is an essential measure to protect the lives and safety of our people and a response to the North’s provocations and a least measure to defense ourselves.”


South Korea's military decided to suspend the effectiveness of a no-fly zone prescribed in the Article 1(3) of the Sept. 19 Inter-Korean Military Agreement as of Nov. 22 at 3 p.m., and stepped up surveillance of the North by reinstating surveillance and reconnaissance assets at the front line.


Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) spokesperson Col. Lee Sung-jun said at a regular briefing, “Since 15:00 yesterday, we have conducted normal military activities at a level that existed prior to the military deal, and for this, we will deploy other additional operational measures such as helicopters in addition to surveillance and reconnaissance assets if necessary.”


He explained, “Since we suspended the no-fly zone, our military can operate with more flexibility in surveillance and reconnaissance and I think training will be possible in the air space.”

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