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“We won’t forget, thank you”

Defense ministry plans to hold various memorial events in June, Month of Patriots and Veterans


The events include a running event that is open to the public, soldiers, and US Forces in Korea, expanding the scope of the nameplates for men of national merit project, as well as an SNS campaign, quiz, etc. via on-off line

“We won’t forget, thank you”

The Ministry of National Defense (MND) and the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (MPVA) plan to hold some events to remember those who gave their lives and devoted themselves to protecting the nation and the people, and create an atmosphere of appreciation to them, to mark June, the Month of Patriots and Veterans.


On May 31, the MND said in a statement that it will work on ‘Challenge: WE#Korea#RUN (With Korean Armed Forces)’ during June, with the aim of remembering the contributions of patriotic heroes and Korean armed forces, and providing support to their walk in life.


Not only citizens of the Republic of Korea (ROK), including national soldiers, but also the US Forces in Korea can join the challenge. Participants are free to choose their desired running distance, from 100 meters to 42.195 kilometers. After running at the desired place and time, they can take a picture of it for proof and post it on their personal SNS with the required hashtag. Korean armed forces and the US Forces in Korea can join the challenge in groups of five or more.


The MND plans to provide souvenirs to 200 persons by drawing lots, and will also provide souvenirs and food trucks to two selected excellent units. The souvenir was designed by Cha In-cheol, a graphic artist and descendant of late Korean War reservist Lieutenant General Cha Sang-jun, adding significance to the souvenir.


“This challenge will help make the armed forces more determined to keep working to protect the precious lives of the people, as well as to remind the people of the need for gratitude to those who devoted themselves to protecting the freedom and peace in the ROK,” an official from the MND explained regarding the purpose of the event.


The MPVA also plans to set the theme of this year’s Month of Patriots and Veterans as ‘#ThankYou,’ and push forward various projects to develop patriotism and achieve national integration. “The theme sums up our determination to never forget to have gratitude for the sublime sacrifices of the men of national merit, which instills self-confidence in the men of national merit and patriotism in the people,” an official from the MPVA said.


The Month of Patriots and Veterans project consists of three categories: ‘remembrance and commemoration,’ ‘respectful treatment and gratitude,’ and ‘collective participation.’ The MPVA will remember and commemorate sublime sacrifices for the nation at some events to be hosted by the government, including a commemoration ceremony of June 6 Memorial Day, a commemoration ceremony for the June 10 Independence Movement, and an event for the June 25 Korean War.


The MPVA will also work on respectful treatment and expressing gratitude by conducting a number of events, including holding a government-led awards ceremony to honor exemplary men of national merit and those who have contributed to spreading a culture of rewarding veterans, various veterans awards ceremonies, and visits by top government officials to the families of veterans. Significantly, the MPVA plans to spread respect and gratitude for patriotic heroes by expanding the beneficiaries of the “nameplate for men of national merit” project to soldiers or policemen injured/wounded in the course of performing their duties and bereaved families of those who rendered distinguished military services and patriotic services (about 98,000 persons).


The MPVA also plans to push forward with a “#ThankYou” campaign via SNS, including its Instagram and Facebook accounts, as one of the veterans' cultural events for all people. The MPVA will also conduct two movements, wearing KoreaLoveTree Badge, the symbol of rewarding patriotism, and 6610 Silent Tribute to pay tribute to the fallen patriots.

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