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“Military strives to fulfill its proper duty with strong defense power”

During a congratulatory address at the Northeast Asia Security Policy Forum,
Minister Suh stressed that the military is preparing against omnidirectional security threats by fostering elite strong forces based on Defense Reform 2.0 and Smart Defense Innovation
Suh also stressed that the military will lead the future battlefield based on Defense: A Vision for 2050

“Military strives to fulfill its proper duty with

On March 17, Minister of National Defense Suh Wook stressed that our military has been striving to fulfill its duty with a strong defense power, even in an uncertain security situation.

Suh offered this statement while making his assessment of the Korean Peninsula security situation and the international security situation during his congratulatory address at the first Northeast Asia Security Policy Forum, co-hosted by the Korea National Defense University and the Korean Association of International Studies under the theme ‘international studies and the Republic of Korea in future defense.’

“North Korea is threatening the peace and safety of the international community, including the Korean Peninsula, by pushing ahead with test-launches of missiles related to the new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) system after its recent announcement of a withdrawal from the moratorium,” Suh commented on the security situation, adding that “the military is preparing for changes in the security environment and omnidirectional security threats by fostering elite strong forces based on the ‘Defense Reform 2.0’ and ‘Smart Defense Innovation’ initiatives.”

“Given the trend of rising nationalism worldwide, the Ukraine crisis reminds us of the harsh reality of the international community, where might outweighs logic,” Suh stated.

Suh also offered his assessment that the Ukrainian people’s patriotism and determined will to resist is disabling the Russian soldiers’ will to fight, and said it is also notable that the SNS-based information warfare in Ukraine has led to international condemnation of Russia and a public consensus against the war.

“Portable weapons systems that use advanced scientific technologies are effectively overwhelming high cost and high-powered weapons systems like tanks and helicopters,” Suh said, stressing the ways in which modern warfare is changing.

Suh also introduced ‘Defense: A Vision for 2050,’ which has been prepared in the current security situation to predict and prepare the future defense environment and security threats in thirty years. “On the basis of Defense: A Vision for 2050, our military will lead the future by using advanced fourth industrial revolution technologies,” Suh emphasized. Suh also expressed his expectation that the future defense in thirty years will feature △ strong defense based on advanced scientific technologies, △ proud defense equipped with a world-class operating system, and △ cooperative defense to contribute to promoting the national interest.

The Thursday forum was attended by 30 people, including working-level officials from government ministries, such as Cheong Wa Dae and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and defense security experts from inside and outside the country. They shared their opinions in four sessions, including △ the paradigm of future defense, △ international politics of future defense, △ seeking the future defense strategies, and △ the paradigm of future defense and the ROK’s future strategies.

Son Han-byeol, a professor at Korea National Defense University, analyzed ‘Defense: A Vision for 2050’ and the ‘plan for future defense innovation,’ and offered advice on the direction of development at his presentation on ‘the ROK’s future defense strategy: Defense Strategy 2050.’ Some presentations, including ‘Middle powers’ future defense strategies’ presented by Jeon Kyeong-joo, a researcher with the Korea Insitute for Defense Analyses, and ‘Advanced defense industry and political economy in military innovation: ROK-Japan strategies and alliance’ presented by Yoon Dae-yeop, a professor at Daejeon University, also drew attention.

The Korea National Defense University and the Korean Association of International Studies plan to hold the second Northeast Asia Security Policy Forum in the second half of the year, with the aim of seeking ways to design the future defense strategies according to the reality of the ROK.

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