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Present state and future development direction of drone industry

‘Drone Show Korea 2022’ to start in Busan on February 24

138 companies to take part in the show, which is the nation’s largest drone show

Present state and future development direction of


In a statement released February 23, the Ministry of National Defense announced that “'Drone Show Korea 2022,' the nation’s largest exhibition covering the present and the future of the drone industry, will be held at BEXCO in Busan from February 24 to 26.”


Hosted by the Ministry of National Defense, Busan Metropolitan City, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Science and ICT, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Drone Show Korea will be presided over by BEXCO and Korea Unmanned Aerial System Association. Marking its 6th anniversary this year, it will be held in an exhibition hall with an area of 17,600 square meters. 138 companies will participate and will run 534 booths in the show. It will feature a conference with 44 speakers and chairpersons from five countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Japan, and the Republic of Korea, as well as various experience events.


Under the theme ‘Connected By Drone,’ the Drone Show Korea plans to introduce some case studies of drone-based convergence among industries to highlight the drone industry's expandability, and various drone models in which the latest technologies are applied to daily life.


Significantly, each branch of the armed services plans to take active part in Drone Show Korea, and introduce the present state and the future development direction of defense drones. At the conference, which will be held between February 24 and 25, Jang Dong-hoon, secretary of the ministry's Office of Defense Innovation Technology, will take part in the integrated track session 1 and make a presentation on ‘Strategies for Defense Drone Promotion.’


At the drone business and usage session 1, which will be chaired by general manager of the Agency for Defense Development Ji Cheol-gyu, the chief of the dronebot combat development center of the Army Training & Doctrine Command Seo Jeong-won, manager of the aerial/unmanned force section of the ROK Navy Headquarters Park Gil-yong, chief of the unmanned system policy team of the ROK Air Force Headquarters Jang Seong-kyu, and manager of the force requirement section of the ROK Marine Corps Park Jong-sik will respectively be making presentations on ‘Directions for the promotion of dronebot combat system force integration in 2022,’ ‘Directions for the development of unmanned maritime systems,’ ‘Directions for the development of a manned-unmanned teaming system and plan to develop core technologies,’ and ‘Directions for the development of unmanned aerial systems in consideration of the missions of marine corps.’ Park Eun-sin, chief of the drone project team of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, will also make a presentation titled ‘Defense drone promotion 4.0 focusing on weapons systems.’


The Army also plans to introduce the goal of a ‘stronger Army’ based on advanced technologies of the fourth industrial revolution by introducing a dronebot combat system, the center of multi-domain simultaneous integrated operations.


Drone Show Korea will also introduce some examples of research achievements on drone service and technology and daily life contact cases via the ‘Drone Demonstration Town Hall’ and ‘Drone Regulations Sandbox Pavilion.’ It will also present a range of events, including a ‘Drone Delivery Experience’ where you can experience the use of drones in daily life, ‘Pop Drone Battle Game’ for the establishment of a drone leisure culture, and ‘3:3 Drone Skyball Competition.’

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