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[Minister of National Defense] “The military should complete its mission with pride in protecting the homeland’s seas”

Minister of National Defense Suh Wook inspected readiness posture of
the operations unit in Jeju [Minister of National Defense] “The military shoul
Suh rode in a maritime patrol aircraft, and paid respects to the memorial tower

On November 19 and 20, Minister of National Defense Suh Wook checked the military readiness posture of the operation unit in Jeju, as well as its education and training site, and offered words of encouragement to the soldiers stationed there. 


On the afternoon of November 19, Suh checked the maritime security operation readiness posture, on board the Navy’s P-3C maritime patrol aircraft. Communicating with the captain of Daecheon-class patrol corvette of the Navy’s Third Fleet Command, a patrol corvette in action off the south coast, Suh asked him to “complete its mission with pride in protecting the homeland’s sea.” After being briefed on the status of operation by the commander of the 61st maritime patrol aircraft flotilla, Suh also stressed the need to “maintain a firm readiness posture so that it is ready to end the ongoing operation at a moment's notice, in case of emergency.”

Suh then visited the Army special operations command training camp in Jeju to pay respects at the memorial tower to the special agents who died in action, and checked the site of a local provocation counter training for the 53rd Special Battalion of the 9th Special Forces Brigade. On November 20, Suh checked the military readiness posture and encouraged soldiers during his visit to the 308th Air Defense Control Squadron of the Air Force and the 7th Carrier Task Group of the Navy.

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