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[The Ministry of National Defense (MND)] Need to prepare for the future battlefield environment, and accelerate the realization ...

The Ministry of National Defense (MND) is operating ‘The Future Defense Strategy Innovation Course’

Targeted approximately 80 high-ranking policy makers, including the vice minister

Lectures and discussions among experts invited from industry, academia, and research fields

Strengthening understanding of advanced science and technology and consensus on innovation

[The Ministry of National Defense (MND)] Need to p

The military of the Republic of Korea (ROK) is now accelerating its “future defense innovation” in order to prepare for the future battlefield environment and to realize defense technologies at the level of the advanced countries. In particular, to raise awareness of defense leadership in the rapidly changing technological and security environment, while building a consensus on the need for science and technology-based defense reform, it is actively promoting the enhancement of internal military capabilities.

On the 29th, a spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense (MND) announced  that "The ministry had newly opened and is operating 'The Future Defense Strategy Innovation Course' in cooperation with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). The first session is running from the 20th to the 1st of next month, and the second one from the 6th to 8th.”

This training course, jointly operated by the MND and KAIST, will take place at Eulji Tower in Jung-gu, Seoul, where DOUZONE ICT GROUP is located, and targets senior policy makers in the Joint Staff Department of the Central Military Commission including Park Jae-min, Vice Defense Minister and Yun Eui-cheol (Lieutenant General), Deputy Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Since earlier this year, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) has been proceeding with policies that will provide a foundation from which it can take a leap forward, such as organizing a ‘Future Defense Innovation Initiative Task Force (TF)’ under the supervision of Vice Minister Park and holding a meeting of major commanders of the entire military. To start, the MND is establishing and implementing the ‘Future Defense Innovation Initiative’ and ‘Defense Vision 2050’ in order to respond to changes in both the internal and external security environment and to preemptively prepare for the future battlefield.

Defense Minister Suh Wook also stressed, “the MND is strongly promoting the Defense Innovation Initiative and Defense Vision 2050. Internal capacity building is very critical in strengthening the military forces to lead the future.”

Participants in the course that has been prepared will receive lectures from leading experts in the industrial, academic, and research sectors on changes in the future warfare and the application of advanced science and technology based on the 4th industrial revolution to national defense, and discuss future defense strategies and directions for the armament. On the first day, there will be courses on the changes we can expect in defense with the 4th industrial revolution, artificial intelligence (AI), future warfare, military innovation trends in neighboring countries, and digital transformation, under the theme of 'formation of a consensus on the importance of national defense innovation along with the 4th industrial revolution.’

On the 2nd day, drones, autonomous driving, robotics, hyperconnectivity, and quantum computing will be introduced under the theme of 'improving understanding for each technology field of the 4th industrial revolution that plays an important role in defense innovation.' On the 3rd day, there will be lectures on digital twin, metaverse, artificial satellite, and defense space development under the theme of ‘understanding new areas through future technologies,’ as well as field training for observing advanced information and communication technology (ICT) business infrastructure. According to the MND, it will be possible for learners to enhance their understanding of the advanced science and technology of the 4th industrial revolution and strengthen their future-ready capacities through the courses.

Starting next year, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) plans to spread the knowledge and consensus necessary for defense innovation to the entire defense sector by expanding the training target to those responsible for developing military strategies and concepts and building future military power.

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As Kim Man-ki, head of the Defense Policy Office of the Ministry of National Defense (MND) emphasized, “the MND will do its best to equip the ROK military with defense capabilities to preemptively and proactively respond to the future security environment.” He added that the training course will not only increase the understanding of the core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution needed to establish advanced science and technology forces in coordination with experts from the industry, academia, and research fields and defense policy makers, but also will aid in building a consensus on national defense.


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