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[ROK-US Combined Forces] “Circulation of soldiers and civilian employees of the US Forces Korea play a positive role in ties bet...

[ROK-US Combined Forces] “Circulation of soldiers and civilian employees of the US Forces Korea play a positive role in ties between the ROK and US”


During a farewell event for Commander of the ROK-US Combined Forces Command Robert Abrams, Minister Suh emphasizes "huge footprint" Abrams leaves in the history of the alliance


[ROK-US Combined Forces] “Circulation of soldiers


Outgoing Commander of the United States Forces Korea (USFK) and Combined Forces Command Robert Abrams took a final opportunity to reaffirm the firmness of the alliance between the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the United States (US) in defending peace on the Korean Peninsula.


Abrams made the remarks at a farewell event, presided over by the ROK-US Alliance Foundation at the Millennium Hilton Hotel in Seoul on May 13, saying that “any potential adversary should never, ever underestimate our resolve and commitment to defending the ROK.”


“Our responsibility is not to provoke a conflict, but to evolve into an alliance that prevents a conflict. Sweating in peacetime will be able to prevent bleeding in wartime,” Abrams asked. “The soldiers and civilian workers of the USFK show the true qualities of the US while working in the ROK, and they return home with lessons learned from the true qualities of the ROK. This good circulation has strengthened the ties between the two nations,” he added. In particular, he emphasized that “More than 17,000 Korean civilian workers in the USFK and Korean Augmentation to the US Army (KATUSA) have received COVID-19 vaccines so far. This embodies the spirit of the ROK-US alliance; ‘Let’s Go Together.’”


“In the time he has spent with us over the past 30 months, Commander Abrams has left a huge footprint in the history of the ROK-US alliance. Thanks to General Abrams’ dedicated efforts, I think we will be able to handle the pending issues of the alliance wisely,” Minister of National Defense Suh Wook said in his congratulatory speech.


At Thursday’s event, Abrams received a membership card from the Korea Defense Veterans Association (KDVA). He also received a certificate of honorary citizenship from Pyeongtaek-si, and a scroll with an honorary Korean name, ‘Woo Byung-soo,’ as a gift from the ROK-US Alliance Friendship Association.


Abrams will leave the army and go back to his hometown in North Carolina (US) after the confirmation process, including a US Congressional hearing, for Army Pacific Commander Paul LaCamera, who was nominated to succeed Abrams to lead the USFK.

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