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Military conducts final check on support readiness for vaccine distribution

In a video conference presided over by Minister of National Defense Suh Wook,
the ministry presented a plan for vaccine transport covering each transport phase and contingency, and established a standard model of mission performance for each echelon·organization

Military conducts final check on support readiness

The Ministry of National Defense has conducted a final check on military support readiness ahead of the distribution of the AstraZeneca vaccines due to be shipped on February 24.

On February 22, the Defense Minister Suh Wook presided over a videoconference to conduct a final check on military readiness for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, and to establish a standard model of mission performance.

The conference was attended by the main military commanders, including Chairperson of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Won In-choul and the chief of staff of the Army·Navy·Air Force, the personnel of the ministry’s COVID-19 task force and the echelon-level task force, and the main officials from related organizations, including the Ministry of the Interior and Safety and Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA).

The conference started with a report on the final check on the transportation task force’s vaccine transportation readiness, which was followed by △ a report on the plan for mission performance briefed by the commander of operations of each armed service, △51st Division’s presentation on a standard plan for ‘mission performance of the division-level or lower echelon having responsibility for the region,’ and △hearing the opinions of participants.

First, the transportation task force reported a plan for the transportation·escort·storage of the AstraZeneca vaccines that are due to be shipped on February 24. Next, the operations command of each armed service made presentations on a plan for escort by transport phase, and a contingency plan for transportation by air and sea, taking the environment and mission for each unit into account. The 51st Division presented a standard model of the mission performance procedure by echelon·organization, including vigilance on the vaccination facilities in the assigned area, storage and management of the vaccines, military support for vaccination, and ensuring a cooperative relationship between military and police.

Director of the Resource Management Team of KDCA Yang Dong-gyo expressed, as he put it, his “gratitude to the transportation task force belonging to the COVID-19 vaccination response team, for its hard work for safe transportation and management of the COVID-19 vaccines.” He also asked for “continued dedication and cooperation until the COVID-19 crisis ends.”

Minister Suh stressed that “Safe and speedy transportation of the vaccines is not only a mission assigned by the people based on their trust in us, but is also a cornerstone of successful vaccination.” He added “Just as the saying ‘Jultakdongsi’ means that it takes cooperation to achieve great work, let’s strive to allow the people to return to their peaceful daily lives as soon as possible by integrating the capabilities of private·public·military·police and securing safe vaccination through mutually organic cooperation and active administration.”

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