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718 medical staff from the Armed Forces Capital Hospital to be vaccinated against COVID-19

718 medical staff from the Armed Forces Capital Ho

Proceeding with the first round of COVID-19 vaccinations for the military medical staff as planned, the Armed Forces Capital Hospital (AFCH) subordinated to the Armed Forces Medical Command (AFMC) also started mass vaccinations on March 11. The recipient group of the AFCH includes 718 persons, and the vaccinations will continue on March 12.

The Thursday vaccinations started with identification of the vaccine recipient and checking whether the recipient had prepared a pre-vaccination checklist, followed by a preliminary medical examination, vaccination, observation after vaccination, and issuing of a letter of confirmation of vaccination. “We have been thoroughly preparing for vaccination by conducting drills as well as vaccination education,” said Lieutenant Colonel Oh Hong-sang, chief of the Infection Control Team. “Now that the actual vaccinations are taking place, I feel safe by seeing it going smoothly thanks to our perfect preparations. We will stay on our toes until the completion of the vaccination process.”

“I thought getting vaccinated was more important for me because I work in a screening clinic. I decided to receive the vaccination to help ensure my patients can be treated with comfort and ease in a safe environment,” said Captain Lee Yeon-joo, a nursing officer working in a screening clinic. “I will continue to do my best to offer medical support in the response to COVID-19.”

“As a commander of the top-level military institution, as well as the military hospital treating the COVID-19 patients, I wanted to encourage the soldiers and staff of AFCH to receive their vaccinations without fear,” said Director of AFCH Han Ho-seong, who was the first recipient on the day. “The formation of herd immunity is indispensable due to the nature of the military environment. We will also do our best to support the vaccination process, so that the people, as well as military soldiers, can return to their daily lives as soon as possible.”

The AFCH is maintaining a treatment system to immediately respond to any unexpected situations after vaccination by offering 24-hour consultations via SNS to respond to any adverse reactions, such as high fever and muscle aches.

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