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'Maintain Readiness Even if GPs are Withdrawn from DMZ'

"Maintain Readiness Even if GPs are Withdrawn from

Minster of National Defense Jeong Kyeong-doo instructed troops to “come up with thorough measures, including security operations, to maintain a perfect military readiness posture even if guard posts(GP) are withdrawn from the Demilitarized Zone(DMZ).”

Celebrating Hangawi(Korean Thanksgiving Day) on September 24th, Minister Jeong visited and praised the soldiers in the front-line units who are giving their undivided attention to their duties. He also asked them to make every effort to maintain a complete readiness posture.

Minister Jeong was briefed on the withdrawal of guard posts in the DMZ on a trial basis during a visit to the Dora Army battalion on the Western Front. He asked the soldiers to “take thorough measures in order to ensure a smooth progression through a detailed plan and preparations in advance,” and gave them words of encouragement. “I feel safe and proud of all the soldiers who are doing their duties faithfully, even on Hangawi holidays.”

On the same day, Minister Jeong visited a security battalion in the Joint Security Area(JSA) in Panmunjeom and was briefed on a plan for the demilitarization of JSA. He instructed the battalion to “safely and completely implement the demilitarization of the JSA, including the removal of landmines near the JSA starting next month.” 

During his meeting with Minister Jeong at the JSA on Monday, Deputy Commander of the UN Command (UNC) Lieutenant General Wayne Eyre said that UNC will actively support the military agreement made in Pyeongyang between the two Koreas. In response, Minister Jeong commented that “Measures to demilitarize the JSA should be carried out in close cooperation with the UNC. The two Koreas and the UNC will discuss specific issues in this area.”

On that day, Minister Jeong also made a telephone call to offer encouragement to the Republic of Korean soldiers who are making efforts in remote areas and around the world for national defense and world peace. He had a telephone call with the troops deployed overseas, including Hanbit Unit in South Sudan, Dongmyeong Unit in Lebanon, Akh Unit in UAE, and Cheonghae Unit at the Mediterranean sea, and the Navy's 1st Fleet Gyeongbuk, which sailed its largest number this year, the Marine's 9th artillery battalion, and alert pilots of the Air Force's 8th Fighter Wing, as well as the Army's 21st Division GOP, located at the highest area of the Military Demarcation Line (MDL).

On September 22nd, Minister Jeong visited an army training center as his first official visit after his installation. He encouraged the soldiers and declared his intent to work to enhance their military service conditions.


After Minister Jeong was briefed on the current status of the army training center, he took a tour of the training center and had lunch with the recruits. “I consider it my responsibility to work for a groundbreaking improvement in military service conditions, including respect for human rights and innovation in military culture,” he emphasized.




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