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Two Koreas Start Removing Landmines in JSA and Arrowhead Ridge


The South and North Korean militaries have taken the first step toward changing two of the main symbols of conflict between the two Koreas, the Joint Security Area (JSA) in Panmunjom and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), into a ‘Land of Peace.’ 

On October 1st the Ministry of National Defense announced that the military authorities of the two Koreas had begun removing landmines in the JSA and in Arrowhead Ridge in Cheorwon-gun County, Gangwon-do Province as the first action for practical implementation of 'Inter-Korean military pact to implement the Panmunjom Declaration (military pact signed on September 19th).'

According to the military pact signed on September 19th, both South and North Korea will carry out the landmine removal operation, as the first action for the demilitarization of JSA, in their respective areas for 20 days. The Republic of Korean military has a plan to remove landmines buried in the eastern and western woods at the Republic of Korean side of the JSA and around the surveillance tower, and is sending engineering units to the areas. In addition, the military is scheduled to combine inter-Korean road connection with the landmine removal operation, with the aim of completing it within the current year.

“Starting with this removal of landmines, the military authorities of the two Koreas will continue to make an effort for systematic and normal implementation of the inter-Korean military pact signed on September 19th,” the ministry added.


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