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Support and Cooperation for Denuclearization and Establishment of Permanent Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Permanent Peace

Republic of Korea, the US and Japan hold talks on cooperation related to policy on North Korea and trilateral security at the 11th Defense Trilateral Talks

Minister of National Defense strengthens strategic communication; meets defense ministers from Southeast Asian countries to request cooperation for peace on Korean Peninsula and defense-related industries

Minister of National Defense Jeong Kyeong-doo explained the Republic of Korean government's efforts for denuclearization and the establishment of a lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula to key countries like the United States, Japan, China and the Asia-Pacific countries, and requested their support and cooperation. At the 5th ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting Plus (ADMM-Plus) held in Singapore on October 20th, Minister Jeong explained the recent situation on the Korean Peninsula and the outcomes of the Inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang to defense ministers from 18 participant countries.

Earlier in the meeting, Minister Jeong had talks with individual defense ministers from participant countries to evaluate pending Korean Peninsula and regional security issues and discuss cooperative measures. One day earlier, he had the 11th Defense Trilateral Talks with his US counterpart Secretary of Defense James Mattis and his Japanese counterpart Takeshi Iwaya, where they discussed cooperation for the policy on North Korea, regional security, and trilateral security. The three defense ministers agreed to pursue ongoing defense cooperation to support the current diplomatic efforts, focusing on the complete denuclearization of North Korea. They also evaluated that the recent inter-Korean summit and North Korea-US summit and proclamations have contributed to the eventual complete and verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the establishment of a permanent peace.

The three defense ministers reemphasized their commitment to thoroughly implementing the UN Security Council's resolution on North Korea for complete, verifiable, irreversible dismantling(CVID) of North Korea's weapons of mass destruction(WMD) and ballistic missile program. They also reaffirmed their cooperation with the international community to ensure complete and thorough implementation of the UN Security Council's sanctions on North Korea, including continuous international cooperation to suppress, prevent and eradicate North Korea's illegal marine transshipments.

Minister Jeong and Secretary James Mattis discussed military measures aimed at helping a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula. The two ministers agreed on a range of military measures, including the suspension of the 'Vigilant Ace' drill, as part of the diplomatic efforts for peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Minister Jeong also held talks with his Chinese counterpart, Wei Fenghe, on Friday. It has been one year since the two countries' bilateral defense talks were held in October of last year.

At the talks, the two ministers stressed that their countries should strengthen strategic communication for peace and stability in Northeast Asia after evaluating diplomatic efforts for the denuclearization and establishment of permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula. In detail, they agreed on the necessity of continuously developing the bilateral relationship, to mark the 10th anniversary of the ‘Republic of Korea-China Strategic Cooperative Partnership.’ In their remarks following the talks, Minister Jeong said, “We need to work together to continue to develop defense exchange and cooperation between our two countries,” while Minister Wei Fenghe emphasized, “Let us continue to have a close discussion on the relevant areas of cooperation.” Minister Jeong also requested the cooperation of New Zealand for peace on the Korean Peninsula during his meeting with New Zealand's Defense Minister Ron Mark.

On October 20th, Minister Jeong had consecutive talks with defense ministers from other Southeast Asian countries, including Delfin Lorenzana, Defense Minister of the Philippines, one of Korea's allied countries and Ng Eng Hen, Defense Minister of Singapore, which chaired ADMM-Plus. Minister Jeong requested cooperation for peace on the Korean Peninsula and in defense-related industries. In bilateral talks with Japan's new defense minister Iwaya he also said, “We need to have close communication and cooperation to pave the way for complete denuclearization and the establishment of a permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula.” 

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