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First Road Connecting the Two Koreas to Open in the Central Section of Korean Peninsula

A connected road to be established at Arrowhead Ridge

in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province, once the site of fierce battles,

to support the joint excavation of war remains

in accordance with the military agreement signed between the two Koreas on September 19th;

Historical significance of the road at a notorious battle site

first road

Efforts by the South and North Korean military authorities to achieve a permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula have produced another tangible result. The Ministry of National Defense announced on November 22nd that the two Koreas had completed the establishment of a connecting road at Arrowhead Ridge in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province, which was done to accelerate the joint excavation of war remains in accordance with the inter-Korean military agreement (signed on September 19th) for the implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration. The two sides began the road work in October after agreeing to establish a connected road at Arrowhead Ridge within the current year in accordance with the military agreement. Soldiers from South and North Korea working on the road connection project met near the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) right before its completion.

This is the first road between the two Koreas to be connected in the 14 years since the joining of the Gyeongui Line road in October 2003 and the Donghae Line road in December 2004. It is of great significance because it is the first inter-Korean road in Cheorwon, the central section of the Korean Peninsula, since the Korean Armistice Agreement signed on July 27th, 1953, as the two previously established roads are along the west coast and the east coast of the Korean Peninsula. “The establishment of an inter-Korean road connection at this site of fierce battles also has a historical significance as healing the scars of war. We expect that this will lead to the efficient implementation of the joint excavation of war remains,” a ministry spokesperson explained.

The connected road is a 12-meter-wide unpaved road for tactical use. It has some narrow sections for topographical and environmental reasons. The ministry spokesperson commented, “We will finish stabilizing and flattening the road and building a gutter by the end of this year. Details related to the use of this road will be discussed between the two sides, as was specified in the Sept. 19 military agreement." The ministry spokesperson also added, "With the road connection as momentum, the South and North Korean military authorities will continue to make an effort to push forward normally with the joint excavation of war remains, which is planned to be conducted on a trial basis from next April through October."

On Thursday, Vice Minister of National Defense Suh Choo-suk visited the site to check on the progress, and encouraged our soldiers working on road connection duty. 




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