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Korea and U.S. work together against UAV threats


Korea and U.S. work together against UAV threats


On April 7, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Choi Yun-hee, made a video call to Commander Curtis Scaparrotti of the Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command, while on a business trip to the U.S., to discuss unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) threats, believing that it was the work of North Korea, and decided to work together closely in the future.


The joint chiefs of staff said, “The chairman Choi said that Korea and the US would cooperate with each other to prepare against UAV threats from North Korea and ease tension on the Korean Peninsula. Commander Scaparrotti has actively stated his sympathy on this issue, too.”


It also said that both countries would jointly construct a system with capabilities that they now have to take action against UAV threats as well as closely cooperate with each other against further expected nuclear experiments, missile firing, and ground-sea-air provocation in the contact area.


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