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Mourning for Sewol ferry victims at patriotic military camp in L...


Mourning for Sewol ferry victims at patriotic military camp in Lebanon




The Dongmyeong unit carrying out a PKO mission in Lebanon held a patriotic military camp for Korean children in Lebanon for the first time among overseas dispatched units on April 22. The event was held thanks to cooperative work between the Korean Embassy in Lebanon and the unit to awaken in children there a patriotic spirit and love for nation. 

Twenty-one participants and the relevant unit officials started the event with a silent tribute to and mourning for the Sewol ferry victims. It was followed by education for emphasizing national security, a tour of equipment of the Dongmeyong unit and the demonstration of bodyguard martial arts by Colonel Jung Hae-il, Commander of Dongmyeong unit.

In addition, there were several sections geared toward Korean children in Lebanon to awaken in them a sense of military duty and the value of service, such as teaching a view of country by Ambassador to Lebanon Choi Jong-il, introducing the U.N. by UNIFIL Inspector Park Dae-yeong, and having some time to talk with interpreters, including Corporal Kim Bum-sik who joined the army in the middle of his studying abroad.

“It was a great opportunity to make those little students understand their identity as Koreans and build up a patriotic spirit,” said Commander Jung.


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