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Shared military integrated know-how of East and West Germany



Shared military integrated know-how of East and West Germany


MND held the 11th Korea-Germany Defense Policy Meeting in Seoul on February 18 and discussed plans to strengthen regional security circumstances and bilateral defense exchange cooperation.


Director General for International Policy of MND, Lee Jung-kyu, had an opportunity to listen to the Director of Security Policy of the German defense ministry, Thorsten Kahler, about the military integrated know-how during the unification of Germany as well as some plans for strengthening information exchange related to military integration, which is helpful for the future Korean Peninsula.


Moreover, they had an exchange of views regarding the situation on the peninsula and regional security of the Asia-Pacific area and Europe. Strengthening plans for military cooperation such as educational training and exchange, cooperation between all three armed forces, and the international peacekeeping operation were also discussed.


Germany established a field hospital in Busan during the 6·25 Korean War and provided economic support according to the emergency relief plan of the UNSC resolution. The nation is our traditional ally and backed up Korea when the Cheonan warship was sunk and the Yeonpyeong-do was attacked by North Korea.


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